Manaaki Tangata

Building foundations for a self-reliant community

To provide opportunities for rangatahi and whanau to reach their potential through education, training and scoial services in a supportive kaupapa Maori, Christian environment.

This program was born out of the, "Its's not ok" organisation. The program began in 2016 when we met with men from 5 different organisations with a vision to work collaboratively to grow and strengthen our Maori men and to find a way to take violence out of homes by helping men to be great Dad's and loving husbands.

Wai Ora applied for a grant to achieve this through Todd Foundation and are so grateful that they sent us the money required. In our 1st year we were approached by groups who had a need for a house to be available as a refuge and training centre for men who had been kicked out by their wives for a very good reason.


To work in a strength based way by working with peoples strengths and enhancing them further. This then moves people forward in a positive way by gaining wisdom and knowledge from each other.

To no longer have angry language or behaviors that are threatening in anyway to your partner and children.

To be a great role model and father to your children and whanau.

To bring changes in your life and to mentor others to do the same.

To grow strong healthy communities clear of violence in the home or on our streets.

Learning how to care for yourself and others.


  • Focused on changing attitdues and behavior patterns in order to enable men to gain self confidence and mana
  • To assist men to evaluate themselves, grow their personal, social skills by enhancing their strengths
  • To promote and assist through counselling, social work, spiritual and cultural values of whanau and rangatahi the strengthening of men and families in Whanagnaui

who comes?

  • Any man who has a desire to grow in mana and personal strength

what activities do we do?

  • Kai, fun and activiities that the group chooses to go to
  • You choose the activities that you want to be involved in

what do i need to bring?

  • Just ourself or any other man who would be open to gathering with men to have good, healthy fun

Men's Group

how will you learn?

  • Through great facilitators' who have donated their time to teach great skills that every guy needs to learn in order to be a leader in our society and a great dad and role model to our tamariki and whanau.
  • How to be a great role model in your home as a dad
  • How to be a caring loving dad to your children so they will love and respect you
  • How to love and cherish your wife (partner)
  • How to be the great man God designed you to be for your home and community

what will you gain?

  • Knowledge of whakapapa, tikanga, kawa
  • Who you are, what your culture is and where you come from
  • Skills to be a strong and caring man who is now a leader in the home and the community
  • How to be a great dad for your children
  • How to be a loving and caring for your wife (partner)


Wai Ora in a collaborative with Jeremiah Ministries. Presentinga training and facilitation course on Understanding, engaging, and overcoming anger, and effective communication. Before you can effectively resolve an issue you must understand the issue firstso that you engage and remain engaged with the issue until resolved. In this training and facilitator course we will also look at what some of the driving influences of anger are:

Effective facilitation and communication skills.

Effective integrated social service process that will allow people to understand,  engage and overcome their anger.

Course Facilitator   Peter Kempthorne. 

B.App Theo. Dip.S.W.(reg) Dip. E.S. Cert B. Couns ( merit) Cert I.M.H.M.

This training is to grow strong men who can mentor other men.

If you want to come onto this training

Phone 063435015 extension 5 for more information