Wai Ora Christian Community Trust was established....

In1989 Marama Dey was given by God a mission vision through the scripture Isaiah 58 v 6-12 to work with those in need in the Whanganui community. This was to be an interdenominational mission to serve the city working with all churches and the local NGO of Whanganui and community.  

In the beginning Marama and a group of volunteers from the churches ran a 10 bedroom house which had been donated to work with youth who were homeless or who were not living at home due to violence or drug addictions.  Or the youth being involved with drugs creating havoc in the homes.

 The team housed and fed the youth and  began training them in life skills., and numeracy and literacy through Correspondence. The training was to prepare and equip them for the time when they left so that they could live independently or go back to school or into trade training.

Wai Ora Christian Community Trust  ministry and reputation came to the notice of the city fathers, the churches and various Government Departments. Soon Wai Ora was receiving referrals from Police and other Social Service Agencies who saw their  programme as a valuable service to the community. The Department of Child Youth and Families, contracted Wai Ora to work with “youth at risk” and to run programmes on their behalf.

In 1991 The Wai Ora Christian Community Trust became a registered charitable trust under the Charitable Trust Act 1957. This legal entity allowed the Trust to become a Private Training Establishment and to contract to, and offer courses on behalf of Skill New Zealand and Work and Income New Zealand. The Trusts credibility was further enhanced when in 1995 they gained registration and accreditation to The New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
 Sadly by the year  2015 the Trust found that the NZQA and TEC had changed the rules so much to the point that high care Maori students were unable to succeed.The Trust then made a decision to close their education programmes under TEC and to go back to their original vision of educating and serving our people through Collaborative agreements with other PTE contractors.  This  enabled us to continue to run horticulture courses level 2- 3 and including sustainable growing.  our greatest desire was to keep our Horticulture training open in order  to train people how to grow vegetables and eat healthy kai.

By running education this way allows us to also work with the whole whanau and students, should they require extra help and support.  The extra help and support which we do provide we  have had to fund raise the money to pay for. The succsess of our students comes from our whanau work.We have students now serving in Banks, in Social services, Farms , supermarkets, horticulture nurseries and many other carrears.

WaiOra also provide a Social Work support service for youth and families on behalf of The Department for Oranga Tamariki in Whanganui.

Wai Ora has gained a reputation for handling the most challenged students and whanau in Whanganui. Our Social services run three services into the community,  to cater for this we employ a social work staff of 2 over seen by a senior Social Worker.

Wai Ora also runs programmes Manaaki Tangata to strengthen our men and dads which leads to no violence in the whanau and loving and caring better informed parents.

Wai Ora was born out of a mission that God placed on the heart of Marama Dey. That mission has grown to encompass more than just youth at risk. To help with the delivery of the mission, God has raised up a Maori Christian Fellowship that operates from  St Marks Church Corner of Puriri Street and Kowhai street,  called Tepuna o Wai Ora Maori fellowship. We meet every Sunday at 10.30 AM.

Tepuna also runs services fortnightly at Wai Ora Trust 6.30pm Friday Nights, and will soon expand to include other services that are needed in our community. The name of the Maori Christian Fellowship is Te Puna O Wai Ora which literally means “The spring  of Living Water”. because it sprung up out of the mission outreach of Wai Ora.

The Wai Ora Christian Community Trust is seen as a creditable and ethical deliverer of training, education and social services in Wanganui.

We have over the 27 yearsof existenceTrained: Teachers, enhanced the Social Workers skills to understand a Christian Maori Kaupapa ,  and Counsellors

The Wai Ora vision is to build strong foundation for a self reliant community

Mission Statement

To empower Rangatahi and Whanau to gain mana and self-respect enabling them to contribute to society in a positive way.

To achieve this mission, the Kaupapa of Wai Ora is based on the Scripture, Isaiah 58: 6 – 2, which encompasses the following principles that:

  • Honor the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Incorporate Tikanga Kawa Maori Christian values, but meets the cultural needs of all youth whatever their ethnic background
  • Emphasis’s behavioral change in preference to isolated skills
  • Recognize that a holistic approach is needed to address the physical, mental and spiritual needs ..of youth and their families
  • Respects the dignity of every person
  • Recognize that every individual has something positive to contribute to their community
  • Applies Christian values in the provision of services
  • Encourages individuals to acknowledge their cultural heritage
  • Promotes family values

Setting The Captives Free



I te timatanga te Kupu
I te Atua te Kupu
Ko te Atua ano te Kupu
I te Atua ano tenei Kupu, i te timatanga
Nana nga mea katoa i hanga
Kahore hoki tetahi mea i kore te hanga
E ia o nga mea i hanga
I a ia te ora
Ko te ora te marama mo nga tangata
I roto i te pouri te marama e whiti ana
Heoi kihai i mau i te pouri
Paipera Tapu.

Hoani 1:1-5

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was with God
And the Word was God
He was with God in the beginning
Through Him all things were made
Without Him nothing was made
that has been made
In Him was life
And the life was the light of men
The light shines in the darkness
But the darkness has not understood it
The Bible

John 1:1-5