Social Services

Our social services secure is made up of three programmes.

  1. Alternative education mentoring programme
  2. E Tu Taiohi
  3. Te Mana Kia Kaha programme
  4. Whanau Christian counselling services

Alternative education Mentoring programme

A large part of what we do at Wai Ora revolves around support for our students and their families and high-care youth at risk.

Wai Ora no longer runs A.E classes as we quickly learned that a one to one mentoring program was more effective to keep youth in high schools. This mentoring program is run not only at high schools but private small groups to assist parents to keep their teens in schools. We do this with the whole whanau to grow them into a positive future of education or industry training.Our vision is to see youth meaningfully involved with education or trade training. Many parents need help with the parenting of teens today, many teens need to cope in schools and with communicating effectively with their parents. Our youth are our future generation. 

E Tu Taiohi

We currently employ a full time Social Worker who works with their whanau. The program is called E TU TAIOHI meaning “stand up and be strong” . Her task is to work with and assess the Social needs of our referred clients and to develop
and implement a plan to address their issues and to move them into changing their thinking and behavior so that they can become

This position is funded in part through CYFS and MSD funding and other grants. Our social workers endeavor to engage the parents and the families to support their youth, but when that fails, as it sometimes does, then we act as de-facto Whanau support for our
youth. We also work with high-care youth Offenders who are referred to us by Child Youth and Family.

A variety of programs are delivered to this group of youth, which include work experience, skills training and foundational education. Wai Ora works’ cooperatively with other social service providers and communal organisation to ensure that the needs of those most disadvantaged in our communities are met.


Te Mana Kia Kaha

This is a programme designed to raise awareness and understanding around whanau violence and the skills to cope. Family Violence is a silent killer which is entrenched and normalized in our society and the life’s of our students. Any form of violence is masked with numerous excuses ranging from cultural, religion, parental discipline, gender, normalization behaviour and the list goes on.

Purpose of the programme is to help students to develop an insight into their perception and awareness around family violence.

To educate, and raise awareness, of violence and its impact upon youth and whanau.

To  teach youth to understand self esteem, anger management, family violence, Rejection, and abandonment, feelings. The programme allows for lots of feed back discussion from the students, brainstorming, and exercises to help the students to process the information in each session

Whanau Christian Counselling Services

The counseling service has always been available at Wai Ora.

We are here to support Rangatahi and whanau and to help them work through the issues of life. Nothing is ever too great that it cannot be resolved.

Learning to understand feelings and effective communication is the key.

The love of Jesus resolves many difficultities

Phone 06 3435015 to make an appointment.